Thursday, December 5, 2019

365: World Soil Day

December 5 is World Soil Day. World Soil Day exists to raise awareness to the issue of soil erosion. The slogan for the holiday is 'Stop soil erosion, Save our future'. We celebrated the holiday by heading out to appreciate the soil!
Today is a Tinkergarten Day. I feel like I have been talking about Tinkergarten a lot recently, but it has been such fun adventure for both me and Jude. It has really pushed both of us to explore nature.
We worked with simple machines today: pulleys, swings, ziplines, and scales. Jude was a little grouchy, but he did a nice job interacting with the stations. Most importantly (for our holiday), Jude enjoyed playing with a pile of dirt.
I never expected that I was going to be a mom who loved being outside in nature with my kid. Especially since I didn't particularly like it prior to being a mom. But, getting outside and playing in the dirt with Jude is one of my favorite things to do!

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