Thursday, March 19, 2020

Quarantivity: Water Bead Art

Welcome to our second quarantivity, water bead art. If you're anything like me, you grossly overestimate how many water beads you need and make trillion on accident. This is a great activity to use up those extra water beads. 


  1. 1 cup of water beads
  2. 3 paints of different colors, we used Colorations Liquid Watercolor 
  3. plastic tub with top
  4. watercolor paper (trust me, this holds the color way better than any other type of paper).
  5. tape to hold down the paper (painter's tape is best)

Preparing the Bin

  1. Cut the watercolor paper into desired size. I just cut to fit the bin.
  2. Using painter's tape, tape down the paper
  3. Measure out a cup of water beads and have them ready
  4. Pull out paint colors for child to choose

Making the Art

  1. Have child choose three colors
  2. Depending on their age, either let them squeeze in paint, squeeze in yourself, or assist them in squeezing in the paint.
  3. Depending on their age, let them dump the beads or dump them yourself. 
  4. Seal the lid
  5. Shake shake shake shake shake the beads the up, shake the beads up, shake!
  6. Let art dry for an hour
  7. Enjoy your art!
We will be sending our artwork to some pen pals, but you could send it to a local nursing home, hang it up on the fridge, or  make cards for grandparent! The possibilities are endless.

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