Thursday, March 12, 2020

53 Activities To Help Your Children Learn and Play While Stuck At Home

Ohio just cancelled school for the next three weeks. I'm positive Jude's tumbling, Tinkergarten, and other classes are not far behind. Parents all over Facebook are looking for suggestions of what to do to keep their children engaged and entertained while being at home. I thought this was a perfect time to compile activities that we have done in the past that might be fun to do while your littles are at home! Most should be pretty easy to modify for older children, but if you're at a loss how to, reach out. I would be happy help you modify!

  1. Ice Painting
  2. DIY Kinetic Sand
  3. Bubble Wrap Painting
  4. DIY Peanut Butter Playdoh
  5. Tin Can Play
  6. Milk Color Experiment
  7. Penguin Activities
  8. Taste Safe Finger Paint
  9. Rock Painting
  10. Fun with Dry Beans
  11. Contact Paper Flowers
  12. No Mess Squish Paint
  13. Watercolor and Mosaic Hippos
  14. Oats Treasure Hunt
  15. Sink or Float Experiment
  16. Cardboard Box Coloring
  17. Giant Water Bead Play
  18. Themed Discovery Basket
  19. Plant Flowers
  20. Ice Trapped (Science)
  21. Architecture with Cheese Puffs
  22. 4 Super Hero Activities
  23. Fun with Scrabble Letters 
  24. ASMR Experiments
  25. Make a Dam (Science) 
  26. Host a Pretend Tea Party
  27. Start Composting!
  28. Contact Paper Turtles
  29. Simple DIY Math Activity
  30. DIY Concrete Paint
  31. DIY Taste Safe Mud (messy!)
  32. 6 Easy Board Boxes to Make
  33. Tissue Paper Hot Air Balloons
  34. Illustrate and Write a Book
  35. Sprinkle Fun
  36. Shark Sensory Tray
  37. Bake Together
  38. Water Color Squeeze Bottle Painting
  39. Spaghetti Sensory Bin
  40. Pom Pom and Pasta Water table
  41. Playdoh Trays
  42. Activities about Dots
  43. Contact Paper Cat
  44. Cloud Dough Bin (scroll to the bottom)
  45. Nature Dig
  46. Playdoh Cakes
  47. Noodle Sensory Bin
  48. Button Drop
  49. Simple Origami
  50. 7 Senses Bin 
  51. Felt and Dot Paint Trees
  52. DIY Movement Dice
  53. Transporting Oats

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