Thanks for stopping by our blog! My name is Alicia. I am an English teacher turned stay at home mom to my little May flower, Jude. I spent 6 years in an urban public school before deciding to turn my efforts to raising Jude.

I am a big planner and enjoy the creativity of cultivating meaningful opportunities for Jude to play. I also enjoy sharing this purposeful play with my nieces, nephews, and other children, so I wanted to make it easily accessible to all caregivers who wanted a more meaningful way to learn and grow with a child.

Here at Chicka Chicka Mama, we enjoy hands on, sometimes messy, play experiences to help create lasting memories and the foundation for what will hopefully become educational success for children in the future. Early literacy is also a foundation for education, and a passion of mine, so expect to see a lot of reading opportunities.

The blog will be set up in easy to follow plans that outline the experiences Jude and I have learning about different subjects through purposeful play. I will offer suggestions for books, music, and real life experience for each subject, but for the most part, you should be able to employ these lessons with little materials.

We look forward to helping you have fun and educational play with your little one!

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