Sunday, December 22, 2019

365: Ancestor's Day

December 22 is Ancestor's Day. This time of year always brings up memories of loved ones who have passed and always provides a good time to talk to the little ones about the rich culture and tradition of their ancestors.
The ancestor we focused on today was Alan Jack Herrmann, my late grandfather. I have a picture of him and Jude's Nonnie from a very long time ago, so I was able to show that picture to Jude as we chatted. I told Jude how talented of a carpenter his great-pop pop was. We talked about his love for poetry and how he knew the capitol of every state and country. I smiled and laughed, and while Jude didn't know exactly what I was talking about, he was able to feel my energy and respond to that.
I hope to talk more about Jude's ancestors to him, specifically the ones that Jay and I knew well but aren't with us anymore. I love the idea of them living on through us to Jude.

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