Sunday, October 13, 2019

365: Train Your Brain Day

October 13 is Train Your Brain Day. After a rough day yesterday, we were ready to embrace positivity today, so we spent the day trying to train our brain to think positively.
Starting when Jude and I woke up this morning, I would say a few positive affirmations to him every hour or so. The list was normally something similar to this:

1. You are smart.
2. You are bold.
3. You are curious and brave.
4. You are loved.
5. You are deserving of love.
While I can't be certain of the impact the affirmations had on Jude, they had a positive impact on me. It was a reminder that Jude is such a special child, and it helped me to think positively even when Jude was being spirited. It also helped remind me that I also am deserving of love! I think we will add these affirmation into our morning and night routine for a little extra reminder of how loved and wonderful Jude is!

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