Saturday, October 12, 2019

365: Moment of Frustration Day

October 12 is Moment of Frustration Day. It was a holiday that I didn’t intend to celebrate, but it just happened.
We went to Blink Cincinnati tonight. Blink is a 4 day celebration in downtown Cincinnati that features art, light, and projection mapping. We thought it would be fun to go tonight, so we packed Nonnie, Poppy, Jude, Jay, Q, Bryan, and Katie into the car and headed downtown. Jude loves lights, specifically ones that move, so I really thought it would a slam dunk.
I was wrong. Jude was mad almost immediately. I was already in a terrible mood from a 40 minute tour around a 1 square mile area in downtown trying to find parking. Jude wanted to walk, but with crowds of 100,000 there was no way. So, Jude screamed. He screamed when I wore him on my back. He screamed when he was in the Keenz. He screamed when Jay held him. Jude wanted what he wanted and didn't understand why he wasn't able to have it.
At one particularly frustrating moment, Jude yanked my hair as hard as he could, and I got so very frustrated. I had to hand him to Jay and walk away. It's hard to remember that I am a mom and a human, not just a mom. I get annoyed and frustrated like any other human. These moments of frustration remind me that I need to take a breather every now and again.

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