Friday, September 20, 2019

365: Tradesmen Day

September 29 is Tradesmen Day. Tradesmen Day is a day set out to honor all of the men and women who make our country thrive through building and maintaining roads, buildings, and power (just to name a few). This holiday is especially close to us because Jude’s great grandfather was a tradesman, and his Pappy currently is one! 
We celebrated first by enjoying a delicious lunch that was earned thanks to Pappy’s hard work. Many tradesmen will barter their services, and this barter got us the most delicious hummus we have ever had at a little place called Fond in Montgomery.
We also wanted a way to thank Pappy for his work, so Jude did some watercolor painting and together we created a card for Pappy to thank him for all his hard work! Thank you, Pappy and all of the other tradesmen! We see you and your hard work! 

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