Thursday, September 19, 2019

365: Talk Like a Pirate Day

September 19 is Talk Like a Pirate Day. Arrrgg. It be one of the most popular odd holidays for ye. Before this year, if you were to ask me to name odd holidays, Talk Like a Pirate Day would probably come up first. To celebrate today, we pretended to be pirates at the playground and spoke like we were pirates protecting our ship.
We had a Tinkergarten trial today, so we were already at Story Woods Park in Delhi. They have a great play structure, and there were already a few kids playing "neighborhood". These children were happy to involve Jude and his pirate ship into their play. There's something truly magical about watching children pretend play, and seeing this children interact with Jude made me excited to watch Jude's play grow and evolve in the next few years.
Jude's pirate ship was near a small slide. He climbed and slid all while interacting with the other children. They would ask Jude if they could come to his ship. We told the kids that we were friendly pirates and that they were welcome aboard. They also invited Jude to sections of their neighborhood. They introduced themselves at the beginning, so I made sure to model using their name when I addressed them for Jude.
It was a nice bonus to be able to work on Jude's social skills while playing pirates! And, to really get in character, Jude was a messy, messy pirate. His hair was everywhere. He was sweaty. He had a red face. He had food all over him. Obviously this was because pirates don't care about their appearance and not because he was a mess to start. Jude really likes to dive into his character work by truly becoming the role.

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