Saturday, September 21, 2019

365: Gymnastics Day

September 21 is Gymnastics Day. Jude attends tumbling/gymnastics classes at a local gym, and we were excited to share some gymnastics fun with Q to celebrate!
Serendipitously, Gymnastics Day fell on the same dayas open gym at Kids First, so we headed over there to celebrate. Jude and Q raced around the under 2 area: climbing, bouncing, and balancing. 
Since it was open play, we weren’t limited to the under 2 area. Jude particularly enjoyed the long trampoline. He ran back and forth over and over. He also loved chasing the beach ball around and climbing the ladder with dad.
Q spent a lot of her time on the balance beams. She also did quite a lot of climbing and bouncing. 
Gymnastics has been so great for Jude. He started going when he was around 3 months old. He graduated to the pre-walking class at 6 months, and he just moved up to the walkers class last week! It has been a joy to watch him learn and grow at Kids First. It also gives him a chance to use his gross motor skills and work on his vestibular system all while having a lot of fun! 

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