Sunday, September 22, 2019

365: Doodle Day

September 22 is Doodle Day. Art is such a beautiful part of life, and I am trying to introduce Jude to it in all forms, doodling included. To celebrate today, I let Jude doodle his very own piece of artwork.
We have been cleaning out a room that hasn't really been in use to extend the playroom. While going through the old things, I found a picture collage frame that was very outdated. I took the pictures out, and I considering donating it, but ultimately held out to it. It's lucky I did because it made the perfect canvas for Jude's doodles.
I let Jude draw on the flipped over white paper that came with the frame. We used Crayola Ultra Washable markers, so I basically just handed opened whatever colors he's wanted and let him draw. Jude is getting noticeably more purposeful in his marks when he draws. I like to think it's because of how often he is given art materials. He colored for a while on the paper. He also accidentally colored on himself and the carpet. He also tasted a marker. It was a whole ordeal, but he had so much fun. I popped the picture back into the frame when Jude was finished, and now we have fun artwork for the new play space!
Giving Jude free rein on his art supplies but also setting clear boundaries is something I feel strongly about. He won't learn to not mark on walls every time he gets a pen if they are some taboo material that he isn't familiar with. So, his supplies for now are out with supervision and will eventually just be out. I will keep you all updated on how my walls fair with this method!

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