Monday, September 23, 2019

365: Family Day

September 22 is Family Day. It will come as no surprise to anyone who regularly reads the blog that we are big family people. We spend a lot of timing celebrating how special our extended family is through various holidays. We decided to celebrating Family Day by focusing on our nuclear family: Jay, Jude, and myself.
Our celebration of this wonderful family of ours consisted of a pinic at a very special place. The picnic was enjoyed at the park that Jay and I got married at a little over three years ago. 
After we ate dinner, we recreated some of my favorite pictures from our wedding day. I’ll post the original and the retake together. 
To finish off our family time, we ran around the playground: swinging, sliding, and climbing. Jude is get so independent and purposeful in his play. It blows my mind everyday! 
From our family to yours, Happy Family Day! We appreciate the time you take to read and grow with our little family!

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