Thursday, August 29, 2019

365: Individual Rights Day
August 29 is Individual Rights Day. Individual Rights Day falls on John Locke’s birthday to celebrate his passion for the rights of all humans.It’s our right as humans to be free (and have a little fun along the way). We flexed our individual rights by having a great time at the Florida Aquarium.
We moved our party from Miami to Tampa today. Our first stop in Tampa was the Florida Aquarium near the bay. It was a beautiful aquarium with a lot of birds and other Florida native animals as well as tons of fish.
My favorite was seeing the Roseate Spoonbills. They look like a mix of a platapus and a flamingo. Jude enjoyed watching them hop around.
Another notable favorite was the touch tanks. Jude was able to safely reach sea anemones and moon jellyfish today, and I think that was his favorite part. His face lit up when he felt them. It was amazing to see Jude get to experience sea creatures through hands on learning!
I would like to think that John Locke would have appreciated us using our individual rights to learn and grow.

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