Saturday, August 31, 2019

365: National Beach Day
August 30 is National Beach Day. It was also our only (almost) full day in the Tampa Bay Area. We used the holiday as an excuse to go visit Clearwater Beach.
It was one of the prettiest beaches that I have ever been to, and it was definitely Jude’s favorite. Jude is usually pretty apprehensive about sand. The sand was so soft at Clearwater Beach that Jude had a wonderful time.
The beach (or really any natural scape) is one of my favorite ways to play and learn with Jude. There’s always new vocabulary or vocabulary Jude seldom hears just playing inside. Today, we were with Jude’s great uncle and he spent time grabbing handfuls of wet sand and having Jude pick out the shells. Colors, size, and shape were all talked about. Jude used his pinser grasp and fine-motor skills to pick out each shell from the wet sand. Shells are also a great tool for imaginative play. They can be hats, cars, balls, whatever a child’s mind can come up with!

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