Thursday, August 29, 2019

365: No Frizz Month
August is 28 is part of No Frizz Month. It is very hard to avoid frizz in the most humid part of the country, but we did our best today to avoid the frizz.
The biggest frizz avoiding activity we did today was going to a baseball game at Marlins Park in a dome. It’s the perfect way to watch baseball, in a climate controlled, humidity free dome.
This was Jude’s 8th ballpark that he has visited and Jay and my 22nd ballpark. It was one of the most special ones for us because Jay caught a home run ball hit by a Reds player (we are Reds fans). Even more exciting, that home run was a MLB record breaker for being the first modern era player to hit 13 home runs in his first 100 play appearances! 

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