Tuesday, August 27, 2019

365: National Just Because Day

August 27 is National Just Because Day. We interpreted the holiday as doing whatever you feel like just because you want to, so we took that idea and made it into a fun day! 
We started our day walking Lincoln Road in South Beach. We wandered into Books&Books, a local independent bookstore, just because. To support them, we bought a beautiful book about animals. The animals are cut out of the pages some, so they’re fun for Jude to feel. 
We went to Shake Shack and we danced through lunch. Jude has loved dancing recently. Jay and I joined him and it was a quite a good time. 
We ended our fun by going to the Miami Children’s Museum and letting Jude do whatever he wanted. We followed him around the museum while he played with fake animal cages, fished, and made beautiful music. 
The day wasn’t planned out in advance and it was an awful lot of fun to do things just because! 

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