Thursday, May 23, 2019

365: Turtle Day

May 23 is Turtle Day. Turtle Day exists to raise awareness about turtles and how we can protect them.

We started the day by crawling around like turtles. We used Jude's bilibo as a turtle shell. There was a lot of giggles.
It has been a while since we did a good activity with contact paper. Today felt like a good day to make a little art project while we talked about turtles. It was super simple and a lot of fun.

1. contact paper
2. an assortment of decorative green objects to make the shell (we used green stickers, streamers, feathers, and pipe cleaners)
3. marker to draw the turtle shape
4. painters tape to tape the contact paper down

1. Cut a turtle shape out with contact paper
2. Draw eyes and outline the head and the shell
3. Tape the contact paper turtle sticky side up to a flat surface.
4. Offer different green objects to stick on the paper to make the turtle shell. I tried to vary the objects to offer different textures as an extra sensory addition.
5. Sit back and let your child create!
Jude much preferred to take the objects off the contact paper rather than put them on. I took his cue and filled the turtle up with objects and let him pull them off. After I let him pull everything off, Jude started wanting to full it back up, so we did that for a while.
Today was a reminder of how important it is to take cues from the child during play sessions! The more fun it is for them, the easier it is to sneak in all that good learning!

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