Friday, May 24, 2019

365: Scavenger Hunt Day

May 24 is Scavenger Hunt Day. Scavenger Hunts are a lot of fun for older children, so I decided to modify a scavenger hunt for Jude.
I made Jude's scavenger hunt a two part activity. Since Jude is only moderately mobile (crawling, not walking), I opted for a play tray scavenger hunt. In part one, Jude had to dig through oats to find his blocks. I had traced a sheet with the shapes prior so we would have a place to set them while he looked for others. For older children, I would ask them to match the shapes, but I just set them on the correct one for Jude and told him the shape.
Part two was a little extra fine motor practice. I had Jude put the shapes back into his shape sorter. He has been getting better and better sorting shapes recently. The shape sorter we used was this Melissa and Doug travel shape sorter. This part was less a scavenger hunt and more an excuse to do the shape sorter.
Jude's favorite part of the entire activity was moving oats out of the first bucket. I realized that he was interested in that pretty quickly and put a second bucket down. He clapped for himself every time he put oats from one bucket to the other bucket. It got a little messy, but it was an easy clean up with the vacuum.
This activity was a great rainy day activity and could be modified for all ages! You could hide shapes around the room for older children. You could have them find their own versions of the shapes. You could ask them to find specific color shapes. The variations are endless!

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