Wednesday, May 22, 2019

365: Buy a Musical Instrument Day

May 22 is Buy a Musical Instrument Day. Jude own quite a few musical instruments, so instead of buying more, we pulled out some new ones for him.
Jude got the HABA Fun with Sounds Wooden Discovery Blocks for his birthday and the tambourine and harmonica a couple of months ago. I put a variety of them out in his play tray and I let him choose with one he wanted to play with. If you wanted to do a music tray, I would suggest just using what you have at home. Shakers, spoons (metal and wooden), and empty containers to drum on would have been just as fun for Jude!
Each instrument Jude picked, I let him play with him. I showed him how I play with it. And, I talked to him about what each instrument was. While he played, I tried to make a similar noice with my mouth and it made us both laugh. Jude's favorite part was just shaking the blocks and then setting them behind him over and and over.
The day gave an excuse to play more music and for me to introduce more new vocabulary to Jude. He learned Tamborine, percussion, mallet, harmonica, and woodwind.

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