Thursday, April 11, 2019

365: Week of the Young Child

April 11 is one of the days in the Week of the Young Child. The Week of the Young Child is a weeklong celebration created by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC). The NAEYC says the Week of the Young Child is "an annual celebration hosted by NAEYC to spotlight early learning, young children, their teachers, families, and communities.
To celebrate Week of the Young Child, we hosted a little baby friend Easter party. We started off with an Easter egg hunt. It was simple to set up. I just threw the eggs in the front yard. The kids had fun racing around grabbing eggs, pulling them apart, and putting them in their baskets. It was the perfect mixture of gross motor skill and fine motor skill practice.
We also did a sensory activity with water beads. I am always amazed by how big of a hit the water beads are. They are opened ended and feel great to touch. Each child played with them a little bit differently but they each had fun in their own ways!
Unrelated to the holiday, we also had little lunches that were put in plastic Easter eggs in a recycled egg crate. It was just a little addition that made lunch fun and festive! It was also the perfect portion size for the kids!

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