Saturday, April 27, 2019

365: Independent Bookstore Day

April 27 is Independent Bookstore Day. We took the opportunity to visit the newly reopened children's bookstore, The Blue Manatee Literacy Project Not only is the Blue Manatee an adorable and well stocked shop, but they also have a 1 for 1 donation model that donates an age-appropriate, level-appropriate book at an at-risk Cincinnati student through a curated literacy program.
We let Jude crawl around the shop to explore. Everything there is very child friendly, so there wasn't too much he could get into. He enjoyed looking and the colors of the books and the toys on the lower shelves.  There's a cute little toy corner, so Jude got to play there for a little bit.
We ultimately chose the book Fiona's Friends by Dr. John S. Hutton. It is published by Blue Manatee Publishing. It's a book about the premature hippopotamus, Fiona, at the Cincinnati Zoo and all of her baby animal friends. 
Jay and I try to immerse Jude as often as possible in as much "normal daily activities" like checking out at stores. We encourage him to greet the cashier, hand the credit card, and say goodbye. It's just a little thing we do but it has been really powerful when it comes to Jude's social understanding. I believe it things like this that make Jude such a friendly baby!  

It is nice to have independent bookstores like Blue Manatee Literacy Project in our community. We are happy to be able to support them! 

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