Sunday, April 28, 2019

365: Superhero Day

April 28 is Superhero Day. Superhero day started in 1995 when Marvel employees went around and asked kids what superpowers they would have if they were heroes. We at Chicka Chicka Mama love all things superhero, so we celebrated by practicing superhero skills

We did a little superhero training camp. I set up a few stations for Jude to practice his superhero skills. I will give a break down of the stations.
Station #1: Baby Smash
Jude loves to smash things and knock things down. We practiced this skill by setting up buildings with boxes and knocking them over. Jay helped Super Baby fly through the air and kick down all the boxes! All super babies need to be strong!
Station #2: Save the animals
We brought out an old but good activity with painters tape and our play tray. I taped down animals that needed a superhero to save them. Jude used his fine motor skills to save those animals from the sticky webs.
Station #3: Daddy in Distress
All good super babies can move through obstacles at the speed of light! To practice, we set up a little obstacle course to flex Jude's gross motor skills. Jude started through the Rainbow forest into the Dino Tunnel and finished the Cave of Darkness to save the Daddy in Distress!
Station #4: Laser Vision
We finished up by using Jude's laser vision (and problem solving skills) to save our friends stuck in an icy trap. I used warm salt water and put the ice cubes in the bucket to let him move them around and save his friends!

It was such a fun day. Setting up small, easy invitations to play like these for Jude is always rewarding! It was an easy way to make learning fun!

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