Monday, April 1, 2019

365: Fun Day

April 1 is Fun Day. We try to have fun everyday but we made an extra special effort to have fun today. Here are the fun things with we did with out Monday.

1. A playdate with some baby friends.
We went over to hang out with Q for a while and then we all went to S's house to hang out. It was nice to get to see our friends. The babies played, sat on each other, and chewed on toys next to each other. It was a wonderfully fun time.

2. A ride in our new wagon
We were lucky enough to be gifted a Keenz wagon by a grandparent-like figure in Jude's life. It came today, and I put it together during nap time so we could take Jude for an evening ride. Jude woke up in less than fun of a mood, but he smiled and giggled as he was pushed around in the wagon. He was accompanied by Mae Starfort his unicorn from Fawn and Faye.

3. Building together
Jude and I finished our evening building a produce stand for his playroom. We got it on clearance from Target a while back. I wanted to use it in our upcoming toy rotation, so we went ahead and built it. The pieces are light and the product is made for children to build. Jude loved swinging the poles around and carrying them around the playroom. It was fun to build it together.
We hope everyone took some time out of their day to have fun! 

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