Sunday, March 31, 2019

365: Crayola Crayon Day

March 31 is Crayola Crayon Day. Jude has colored with crayons in the past, but he is a little bit too little to get the crayon to a small sheet of paper. Because of this, we did a coloring box.
We get a lot of packages, so I just picked a box that felt like it could provide space for Jude too move and have high enough sides that he could color on them too (and not quickly escape).
I set Jude in the box with his Crayola step one washable palm crayons. The large surface made it easier for him to make marks. After not too long, he realized that he was making the marks and continued repeating the motion. It was a fun way for him to get introduced to the concept of crayons without making a giant mess.
Before we finished coloring, Jude started rolling the crayons down the sides of the box onto the floor. He loved watching them roll down the sides. They left pretty little marks down the sides.
If you're wanting to introduce a baby to coloring, grab a box and some big crayons. If you're trying to entertain your toddler artist for a while, a box and crayons can provide loads of fun for them as well!

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