Sunday, March 10, 2019

365: Mario Day

March 10 is Mario Day. It's Mario Day because MAR10 is Mario. Jude doesn't get screen time yet, but today felt like a good day to give him a little taste of the screen life by playing a little Mario with his dad. We used Jay's laptop and bluetooth Super Nintendo remote.

We are a big video game household. On any given night after Jude goes to bed, you will find Jay on World of Warcraft and me on Minecraft. Jude's older cousins were playing video games before they could read. We love video games. I expect Jude will too. Jay started the activity by talking to him about all the old Mario games while we were setting up the game.

We only gave Jude about 10 minutes to play, and he honestly spent about zero time looking at the screen. He really just wanted to hit the buttons and crawl away with the remote in hand. The remote was the clear winner today.

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