Monday, March 11, 2019

365: Napping Day

March 11 is Napping Day. Ironically, Jude went on a nap strike today. But we pressed on and did a little activity with Jude's dollies that I am referring to as "Night Night Babies".
Jude plays with his dolls a lot. Cooper and Stella are Manhattan Dolls and Jesse is a 1984 Cabbage Patch Doll. There's not a lot of focus when Jude plays with his dolls. He mostly just drags them around the room and chews on their faces.
I set up the activity in the corner of his playroom as a little invitation to play. I put out a few things: the dolls, small blankets, a bedtime story, the bilibo/some shoeboxes (to serve as a cradle), and a play scarf/play silks (for swaddles).
We turned on some lullabies and went through a bedtime routine with the dolls. Jude had a lot of fun copying me when rocking the dolls. We read the story to the babies and snuggled with them. We "brushed their teeth", gave them their comfort item, and swaddled them.
One of the great benefits of having so many dolls is that Jude is learning empathy and kindness by showing that to his dolls. He's going to be a great big brother some day and an even better dad!

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