Saturday, March 9, 2019

365: Barbie Day

March 9 is Barbie Day, so we spent a couple of hours playing with a couple Barbies in Jude's new dollhouse. The dollhouse belonged originally to his Aunt HahHah and was handed down to us recently.

Watching Jude play with dolls is a treat. He is so sweet with them when he first sees them, then he goes full on Hulk with them. Barbie wasn't any different. He pet her face, studied her, and thrashed her around.

We sat for a while and played with Barbie and a doll that came with the house. We talked about different rooms in the house and what people do there. One day, Jude may get tired of me turning everything into a learning experience. I'm hoping that by the time the age hits, he will be so used to it the he doesn't give it a second thought! Learning through play has been so much fun!

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