Tuesday, February 5, 2019

365: Weatherman's Day

February 5 is Weatherman's Day. We decided to celebrate by talking a little bit about weather. We had so much fun today, that I think we will be doing a full Learning for Littles segment on weather next week! Tuesday is a Cousin Crew hang day, so we played today with Athena (4.5), Jacob (2), and Sean (2).

We started by making these beautiful weather wheels that I found on Etsy. They were designed by Steph Hawthaway Designs. I have been looking at Montessori weather wheels for a while, and this was the perfect excuse to finally make one. We made three in total, one for our house and two for the cousins' house. Athena was ecstatic that they had a second one to put in her room to change every day. She had a nice time showing me and the three littles how to use the wheel and telling us about weather.

We also made weather flashcards that I found on Etsy. They are made by a lovely little shop called Picklebeans. I loved the illustrations and thought they would particularly nice for the twins and Jude. We laminated them before giving them to anyone. I try to laminate as much as I can to preserve copies that I make. The twins were so excited about them that they wanted to play with them as I was cutting them out. Kelli and I were working on sets of a bunch of cards today, so the twins sat impatiently as we cut the laminated copies out. They both immediately started identifying weather, and they were able to pull weather cards when I asked for specific weather types. Jude pawed at the cards and ran his hands over the bright pictures as I read them to him!

Next week will be doing more with weather! I am looking froward to doing a science experiment and art project as well as reenforce some the concepts we worked on this week.

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