Monday, February 4, 2019

365: Thank a Letter Carrier Day

February 4 is Thank a Letter Carrier Day. We get a lot of mail at our house. They mostly come in the form of packages, but we have been known to get letters too (we like having pen pals!). We wanted to find a way to thank the mail people that are constantly lugging around our letters and packages, so we made a little thank you package for our mailman.

Ideally, we would have been able to thank him in person, but we were at a playdate when he came. Instead, we left a care package for our mailman. In the package was 2 small bags of cheez-its, 2 granola bars, and a card. I thought about leaving something to drink, but all of the mailboxes on our road are attached to the house, so our mailman has to park and walk down the street to deliver mail.
For our thank you card, we used some of Jude's art from our homemade ice painting project. I like to reuse our art projects as much as possible with the hope that they spread a little joy (and to get them out of the house)!

Thank you to all of the letter carriers out there! We appreciate you!

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