Wednesday, February 6, 2019

365: Frozen Yogurt Day

February 6 is Frozen Yogurt Day. I took the opportunity to do something new with Jude, so we went on a little mommy/baby date to get Frozen Yogurt.

We are doing Baby Lead Weaning with Jude. He eats basically everything we do, but we don't do sweets with him because of his age. Lucky for us, Menchie's, a local yogurt shop has a sugar free frozen yogurt.
Jude was skeptical at first, but started enjoying the frozen yogurt after the second bite. He had Sugar Free Raspberry Taffy with kiwi, strawberries, and pineapple. It was quite a mess, but he had a lot of fun. Jude especially liked holding the spoon like a big boy. He kept trying to dip it back in to get more.
We do a lot of exploring in our play and we go out of the house doing our regular weekly routine, but we don't explore a lot of new places spontaneously. This gave Jude and I the chance to spend some time together in an environment that was new to both of us. I think it's important for him to take cues from me when I am in an unfamiliar setting. He is at that stage where he is constantly watching for my reaction before reacting himself, so I like he was able to see me interact with an unfamiliar environment. I am going to try to do new things out of the house with Jude more often!

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