Tuesday, February 19, 2019

365: Tug of War Day

February 19 is Tug of War Day. Luckily, it was a Tuesday, so we had the Cousin Crew to help us play tug of war. Tug of war was surprisingly easy and equally as entertaining.

I used this video as inspiration for our tug of war game. Jude is a little bit younger than the required age, but I figured since Jude loves to grab things and not let go that he would have no problem pulling on the necktie.

Jude played tug of war with me pretty well. I put the tie in his hand and pulled from the opposite side. He pulled back, and we had fun. He giggled a lot.

Things got a little hairy when I started tried to get one of the twins play with Jude. It went okay for a minute but then they just yanked it from his hand and the game was over. They were much more interested in playing tug of war with each other. Athena was better about actually playing, but she wasn't very interested in having her picture taken.

I finished by letting the twins play tug of war against each other. They are very competitive with each other, so it was yanking followed by a good old toddler brawl. They had a great time though, and it helped burn some energy.

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