Wednesday, February 20, 2019

365: Love your Pet Day

February 20 is Love your Pet Day. We have already celebrated our cats and Leo, so we decided to celebrate Scout. Scout is an odd dog. She's a purebred miniature wire-haired dachshund who likes me and Aunt HahHah, and that's about it. This made it a little tricky to celebrate her, but we did our best!
We made a Love your Pet Day card for Scout. We did a poured paint sensory activity to create the card. I let Jude pick the colors, like normal. He's getting quick with putting things in his mouth, so I had to keep a close eye.
I let Jude explore the paint for a while. We talked about temperature (cold), texture (smooth), and colors mixing. He used his hands and feet to mix the colors.
Jude got bored before it was mixed enough, so I popped him on my lap and showed him what I meant by "kick" the paper. He picked up the concept quickly and spent the remainder of the painting (and night) kicking.
I used scissors to cut edges of the ziplock bags and peeled it off carefully. It took about an hour to dry. After that, I turned it into a little card, and we gave it to Scout.

 Scout seemed indifferent about her card but making the card opened up our conversation to talk a little about Scout and what makes her special.
Scout's favorite thing we did for her was mostly ignore her all day. She doesn't like the baby's unpredictable movements, so steering clear of her was the nicest thing that we could do. The closest Jude and the baby got today was when Scout was begging for food during his dinner.
Leo giving Jude advice on how to make Scout's card

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