Monday, February 18, 2019

365: Pluto Day

February 18 is Pluto Day. It's weird to think that all science textbooks from my high school years are outdated as Pluto is no longer a plant. Poor dwarfy Pluto. We focused on the Space aspect of Pluto for our activities.
To celebrate Pluto Day, Jude and I did a couple of things. We read a Space ABC book that we got at the Ontario Science Centre this summer (also available on Amazon). It's a leveled ABC book, which I think it just amazing. I love that it grows with him.
I also realized that we don't do as many activities that use his physicality. This inspired me to create a Space Race for Jude. He just started army crawling about a week ago and he loves to move, so this worked out perfectly for him.
I created it by using our Nugget Comfort Couch because I like that he had to not only crawl forward but also crawl up some. I put a few barriers in his way. We called them pillow astroids. I put his space book at the end to entice him, but honestly it was my water cup that motivated him. It was really interesting watching him zig and zag to get to the end. I clapped and cheered for him as he went. I could see his brain trying to problem solve and tell his body what to do. It was very cool to see!

If you're interested in seeing a time-lapse of his space race, visit our Instagram page and you can view it in stories or highlights!

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