Sunday, February 3, 2019

365: Golden Retriever Day

February 3 is Golden Retriever Day. Our dog, Leo, is a retriever/lab mix, so we used the day to spoil him!

Jude gave him pieces of his chicken nuggets during lunch. This was an unsanctioned activity, but Leo was appreciative of it. Leo likes to post himself under the highchair because Jude often drops food for him.
We took time to pet Leo a lot. We have two dogs (Scout and Leo), and Leo is by far the more patient of the two. He lets Jude pet him always. Sometimes Jude's version of petting is pulling or clawing eyes, and Leo has always been very calm about it all. We have been practicing "gentle" but as anyone who has ever met an 8 month old knows, there's nothing gentle about a baby this age.

We also gave Leo treats, and we thanked him for being such a good dog. Leo has a heart of gold, and I'm glad we got this day to honor him! Jay and I try to be good models of what it means to love our animals, and today was just another opportunity to show Jude how to be kind to animals!

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