Thursday, February 7, 2019

365: Send a Card to a Friend Day

February 7 is Send a Card to a Friend Day. We love art and spreading it around to our friends. In an effort to upcycle, we used a piece of the art we made for Inspire Your Heart With Art Day.
I love the idea of sending out snail mail. Trust me, I love technology, but there's something so sweet about opening the mailbox and seeing a letter from a friend.

Jude has a lot of baby friends, so we chose a friend that we made in our birth board group to send a note to. We also went ahead and got our valentines together to send to Jude's baby friends on that board and we sent them all out today.
I want Jude to get to experience the joy of getting mail, not just email. If anyone is interested in being penpals, please let me know!

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