Friday, February 8, 2019

365: Opera Day

February 6 is Opera Day. To celebrate the day, we listened to Opera while doing a Save the Music bin.

The bin was filled with music related toys, and I used painter's over it to help Jude practice his pincer grasp and work on his dexterity. It was as simple as finding some shakers and taping over the bucket in a spider web like shape.

Jude was confused at first about why his toys were trapped, but he quickly got to work trying to get them out. He can be a little rough, so his first instinct was to grab the bucket by the tape and smash it down. When that didn't work, he started trying to peel the tape up. He got to one of them quickly and he was so proud of it. After it came out, he studied it, smiled, and showed it to me.

The remaining ones were a little tougher but it was amazing to watch Jude go through the problem solving to get them out. He would try things and adjust based on what happened. I didn't know that babies had that level of thinking yet, so I was happily surprised. He tried to use the other shaker to bash the tape. He tried just pulling up on the tape. He peeled the tape a little. Then, because Jude is Jude, he flung it just hard enough to get the remaining shakers to pop out. He was pleased with the result.

This activity let Jude use his motor skills but it also helped him work on cause and effect and problem solving. I was uncertain at first that he was the correct age to do something like this, but I like to challenge Jude, and this was a definite success! It's crazy what babies can do if they are given the opportunity to show what they know.

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