Saturday, February 23, 2019

365: Play Tennis Day

February 23 is Play Tennis Day. We use our minds and artistic abilities a lot more than we use our bodies, so we celebrated Play Tennis Day today.
Jude is too little to play actual tennis, so we created a modified tennis game for him. We started by letting him play with a tennis ball. We rolled it back and forth after. Jay had to help Jude roll the ball back for a bit, but after a minute, Jude was able to pick it up and "toss" it back. Tossing was more like dropping it behind him as he pulled his little arm back, but he was trying so hard!
We also brought out our tennis racket to show Jude. We bounced the ball on the rack and let Jude practice his tracking skills by following the ball. Jude also really enjoyed holding onto the racket while Jay bounced the ball.
After we were formally done playing with the tennis equipment, Jude played around with the racket for a while. He explored the sound it made when he ran his toy on it. He practiced swinging the racket around. He dropped the ball on it on his own to see how it bounced.

Today's play made me even more thankful for this 365 holiday journey. Without it, I would have never known how much fun Jude can have already with something like a tennis ball and a tennis racket!

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