Friday, February 22, 2019

365: Cook a Sweet Potato Day

February 22 is Cook a Sweet Potato Day. It was a day that had many sweet potato activities planned, but we really ended up only eating sweet potatoes because Jude took a pretty big fall. Thankfully, he's okay, but it caused a lot less sweet potato activities to happen.

Jay cooked sweet potatoes. He made them into fries. Fries are the best way to take a weird root vegetable and make it wonderful. Jude missed eating them, but the adults enjoyed them.

Jude did play with a slice of a sweet potato though. He investigated it in all senses. He seemed to particularly like using it as a drum stick of sorts. He also sucked on it, smelled it, and looked at it.

Uncle Swan also painted a picture of sweet potatoes during our friend paint night. We are going to hang it up in the playroom as a reminder that sometimes you have big plans but things happen and you have to go with the flow.

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