Sunday, February 24, 2019

365: Tortilla Chip Day

February 24 is Tortilla Chip Day. We celebrated the best way we knew how by eating a lot of tortilla chips and creating a play tray.
Jude has been quite the little beast recently, so we read My Little Beast by Ruby Byrd and then had a tortilla destruction tray to be destructive like the little beast in the book.
I used crunched up tortilla chips to be a new texture for Jude's play tray. I just used my hands and smashed the tortilla as fine as I could. Jude loved the different texture.
After Jude explored the texture (and taste), I put whole tortilla chips in the tray and gave him a hammer and let him go to town. He's getting more and more purposeful with his movements every day. Using a hammer like this helps him work on refining those skills. Jude loved the sound of the hammer on the tray and smiled when the chips crunched.

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