Saturday, February 9, 2019

365: Pizza Day

February 9 is Pizza Day. To celebrate the day, we decided to make pizzas as a family. Unfortunately, Jay got super sick, so it was just Jude and me making pizzas today!

We just used premade crusts, mozzarella, pizza sauce, and pepperoni. Jude dove right in to help make his pizza as soon as I set it down. I put the sauce on for him, but let him for the most part place the cheese and pepperonis. Most of the pepperonis only made it on to the edges, so I formed them into a J for Jude. I made an M for Mama for myself.

Making it was just a little mess, and eating it was a terrible mess, but we both had a lot of fun. Jude seemed very proud of his pizza. I told him that it was the one that he made and clapped for him as he started eating. He smiled a lot and showed me the pizza between bites.
We finished celebrating pizza day by sharing with our puppies. They were both very happy to celebrate with us!

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