Wednesday, February 13, 2019

365: Madly In Love With Me Day

February 13 is Madly In Love With Me Day. Jude and I celebrated the day by following the great advice of Tom and Donna to "treat yo self".

We spent the day doing things that made us happy. I ordered something off of Jude's wishlist and something off of mine.

Jude got the roam of the playroom. I even let him pull the edging off of the side of the mat and swing it around. We went to tumbling and he (army) crawled around doing whatever made him happy.
Since Jude doesn't have the ability (that I know of) to think of things that he loves about himself, I spent the day telling him things that I love about him. My top three are (1) his wild spirit, (2) his laugh, (3) his snuggles.

We feasted for lunch. He ate puffs, cheese, and a teether.

It was a fun day. If you haven't recently, treat yo self and help your kids treat themselves too!

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