Tuesday, February 12, 2019

365: Lost Penny Day

February 12 is Lost Penny Day. Jude is too small and too obsessed with everything going in his mouth to play with actual pennies, so using our wooden coins, I made Jude a "find the lost coin" play tray. The coins are from Amazon, dyed with liquid watercolor, and sealed with food-safe beeswax sealer.

In the play tray, I hid the "lost pennies" under a large bed of oats. I picked oats because Jude really seemed to enjoy the texture of them when we did our Dragon Play Tray, and we haven't used them since. I provided Jude with a few tools to help dig (a scoop and a teaspoon) but he enjoys just diving in with his hands for the most part.
Jude seemed to enjoy looking for the coins. In the past few days, he's been showing off whatever he gets, so this was a good opportunity for him to show off his bounty. We want Jude to feel proud of himself, and it seems like he's understanding the concept of pride.
The twins were over, and they wanted to hop in on the fun. They helped Jude by pointing the coins out to him or moving coins closer to Jude and reburying them. I challenged them by asking them to find specific colored coins. Their color identification is great! This play tray worked on dexterity, problem solving, and hand-eye coordination for Jude and the twins!

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