Thursday, February 21, 2019

365: International Mother Language Day

February 21 is International Mother Language Day. Before I transitioned into being a SAHM, I was an English teacher who took a lot of linguistic courses in college. I have always been interested in language in general, so I was pretty excited to celebrate International Mother Language Day.

Our Mother Language is English, but we work on English every day, so I decided we would do an activity that integrated some of the languages that Jude's ancestors may have spoken. We used Dutch, Italian, Irish Gaelic, and French.
I made a flashcard sorting game for Jude based on the languages. I thought that colors would be the easiest thing to sort, so we used those. I also made mama, dada (dad), and baby.
Jude is starting to look at the world categorically, so while he didn't necessarily understand the word part of the sorting, he did seem to be engaged in the color sorting aspect. I also pulled out his colored fruit to help serve as a more tangible representation of the color.

I am looking forward to working with Jude on different languages in the future!

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