Monday, February 11, 2019

365: Get Out Your Guitar Day

February 11 is Get Out Your Guitar Day (it's also Jude's Nonnie's birthday! Happy Birthday Nonnie!). I do not play guitar, but Jay does. Life has been pretty busy since Jude was born, so Jay hasn't really had an opportunity to play. This felt like a great day for Jude to hear his Dada play guitar.

Jude was just enamored by Jay's playing. When Jude was still in utero, I would play recordings of Jay singing "Hey Jude" for Jude often, so I like to this that the sound of Jay singing provided a warm, safe comfort to Jude.
After a few songs, Jay let Jude play with the strings for a few minutes (with very intense supervision!). Jude smiled when the strings vibrated. We may have a future guitarist on our hands!
We finished off by Jay playing Jude's favorite song, Baby Shark. If you follow us on Instagram, check out Jay singing Baby Shark in the highlights! 

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