Sunday, January 27, 2019

365: World Breast Pumping Day

January 27 is World Breast Pumping Day. It's a day to honor all of the women who selflessly pump milk for their babies and other babies.

I have nursed Jude since the very beginning, but starting at around 3 weeks, I started pumping to build a milk stash for when I returned to work. I have put no less than 100 hours into pumping and that's just one pump a day. Pumping takes up so much more time than I ever would have imagined. There are women, many I know personally, that exclusively pump. The hours that they put into pumping make my time look like a leisure activity! 

To date, Jude and I have donated 875 oz through Human Milk for Human Babies to 5 different mothers in 4 different states. To celebrate the day, I will be offering a mom another 100 oz of milk from my stash. Jude and I talked today about how we share our milk with others babies sometimes. I showed him a few pictures of babies that we have shared with. He loved seeing their faces. 

My 1 hour of pumping a day is nothing compared to the countless women who breastfeed by exclusively pumping. One of my best friends, Katie, exclusively pumped for an entire year to feed her daughter breastmilk. The amount of love and adoration she has for her daughter is immeasurable. Pumping is hard. It's time consuming. I am proud to know someone who was willing to put in those hours for her child. It's truly amazing. 

With all that said, I ask you today, if you know a woman who is pumping, whether it be at work or a friend, be supportive of them. Ask if you can grab them something while they pump. Give them a high five. Remind them that they are doing an amazing service for their little one. Pumping is about as selfless as you can get in the mothering world, and these women deserve a little extra love! 

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