Saturday, January 26, 2019

365: Visit Your Local Quilt Shop Day

January 26 is Visit Your Local Quilt Shop Day. We are out of town, so we found a little shop in Sheboygan Falls called Magpie Cottage. It is a shop that specialize in fabric and yarn.

The first thing we all noticed when entering was how many vivid colors there are throughout the store. There were hundreds of unique yarn skeins and fabrics. We explored the colors for a while. We stopped and named colors that Jude was looking at. We pointed out different patterns. Jude was entranced by it all and honestly we were too. All of the colors made the store look magical.
While we were there, we let Jude pick out a fat eighth. I'm not quite sure what we will make from it, but I was thinking that we could create a nice souvenir from the trip. In our mission for autonomy, we gave Jude choices and two by two let him pick until he found the one that he liked the best. When I do this, I always try to hold the objects out to him first, explain what it is, what color it is, what pattern it has, and any other distinguishing characteristics. Then I set both down in from of him and let him explore them until he picks one up. We count that as his choice.

There was a little quilting area in the back where local women were quilting. We were able to speak with them briefly, and we let Jude show the women his fabric. They complimented Jude on his fat eighth choice, and he beamed with pride.
Today was enjoyable because it gave Jude the opportunity to experience a place that he probably would not have had the opportunity to see if it wasn't for these "odd holidays". I am fairly certain that both Jay and I have never even been in a quilt shop before, so it was interesting to experience it together for the first time!

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