Monday, January 28, 2019

365: Bubble Wrap Day

January 28 is Bubble Wrap Day. Bubble wrap can be used in many fun sensory activities for babies and older children! Jude and I both have a cold, so we celebrated the day pretty low-key with our jammies on.

I let Jude explore the bubble wrap roll first. We have played with it a little before, but this was the first time he had experienced a big roll of it. He has been particularly interested in hitting things with other things recently, so this provided him a safe, soft outlet to do that. He honestly could have amused himself for hours with just the roll. He was hitting everything he could find, running his hands over the bumps, and shaking it around.
We have done a similar art project in the past, and I think it's probably my favorite non-mess activity. It's incredibly simple to do. All you need is paint, bubblewrap, and some tape.
You start by squirting paint onto the paper (we used watercolor paper). Then, you cover the paper with bubble wrap and tape it down.
Let the baby explore the texture for a while. The more paint you put on, the easier it is for the baby to spread the paint. I showed Jude how the colors moved and he took it from there. After the paint is spread, peel the bubble wrap up and use the bubble wrap to stamps a fresh sheet of paper. It's a two for one art project! Let it dry and enjoy! 

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