Tuesday, January 8, 2019

365: Poetry at Work Day

January 8 is Poetry at Work Day. My current work is anywhere Jude is, so that made the work part of this day easy. Tuesdays are playdate days with Jude's cousins. We utilized one of his older cousins, Linc. Linc is in first grade, and he loves a good challenge.

When Linc got home from school, we sat down and talked about poetry and rhyming. I had premade some rhyming cards that were color coded before he got home. They had about six options for easy rhyming pairs. I let him choose three sets for our poem.

We got to work writing. There was a little bit of a learning curve with the concept of getting the rhyming word at the end, but after one time helping him rephrase a sentence, Linc totally got it. If a sentence felt too simple, I asked him to describe things further. For example, he originally said, "I have a wig". I asked him what the wig looked like. That's where we got beautiful from. It helps to ask questions of kids to get them thinking deeper about what they mean. They have an expressive voice. They just may need a little help getting it down on paper! 

After Linc finished writing, he went into the living room and shared his poem with Jude and his mom. Jude loves his cousin, and he definitely loved his poem! 

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