Wednesday, January 9, 2019

365: Law Enforcement Appreciation Day

January 9 is Law Enforcement Appreciation Day. We live in Green Township, but we are right on the cusp of Colerain Township. We decided to deliver our appreciation to Colerain Township because they needed a little extra love. Colerain PD lost one of their own a few days ago while the officer was on duty. It has been pretty hard on the community, so we wanted to send a little extra love! 
The original plan was baked goods, but we learned that police departments can't really accept any food. Instead, we grabbed some of Jude's art and decorated it for the officers. The thank you card was from a project we did last month (bubble wrap art) and the stone was from Monday's Old Rock Day project. The receptionist was so grateful for the art work. She and another woman cooed at Jude for a little bit and then went to promptly go hang the artwork up. It was great to show Jude how just a little act of kindness can brighten someone's day! 

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