Thursday, January 10, 2019

Learning for Littles: Penguins (Step by Step)


Theme: Animal (Penguin)
Objective: to learn penguin noises, to identify penguin habitat, to list penguin diet
Senses: [touch] ice sensory bin, [hear] listen to penguin sounds, [touch] waddle like a penguin
Sensory activity: Bin with penguin figure and ice
Music: The Penguin Dance - Pinkfong
Book: And Tango Makes Three by Peter Parnell and Justin Richardson
Science/Math: Symmetrical Penguins
Imaginative Play: Penguin Puppets
Talking points: colors of penguins, sounds of penguins, species of penguins, diet of penguins, habitat of penguins
Supplies: [for sensory bin] ice, bin, penguin figures [for penguin puppets] craft sticks, printed card stock penguins, crayons [for symmetrical penguins] card stock, black and orange paint, foam paint brushes
Exploration: Aquarium

Invitation to Play

Put out a penguin out for child to see and play with. We used a Melissa and Doug Penguin.


Have the children (if they are walkers) waddle like a penguin. 
Dance to The Penguin Dance by Pink Fong a few times. 

Discuss Penguins + Sensory Bucket

Set out sensory bucket with ice and penguins.
Discuss the basics of penguins
  • Penguin Sound
  • Penguin movement - waddle
  • Penguin diet - seafood
  • Penguin habitat - many in the Arctic, also in Africa, South America, and New Zealand
  • Penguin collective - (out of water) colony, (in water) raft
  • Most penguins mate for life
  • Penguins lay eggs
  • Penguins don't fly

Penguin Puppets

Print pictures of penguins.
Let children color the pictures.
Glue to craft stick. 
Let older children do a penguin play for the little children.

Symmetrical Penguins (for older children)

Step One: Show examples and non-examples of symmetry 
Step Two: Fold cardstock in half (hotdog style)
Step Three: Squirt paint on one half in the shape of half a penguin. Use a sponge brush to dab the paint. Make sure its pretty thick.
Step Four: Fold the paper over.
Step Five: Reveal your masterpiece. 


Visit your local aquarium or zoo to see real life penguins. 

To see how we played using these activities, please click here.

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